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What Made John the Baptist Great09/24/2023 PM
The Secret to Success09/24/2023 AM
Acts 1909/21/2023
The Journey of Aquila & Priscilla09/17/2023 PM
The Sin of Self Pity09/17/2023 AM
Acts 1809/14/2023
Careful in Criticism09/10/2023 PM
Biblical Business Practices09/10/2023 AM
Acts 1709/07/2023
Sentimentality vs. Spirituality09/03/2023 PM
Strengthen Your Stakes09/03/2023 AM
Acts 1608/31/2023
Presumptuous Sins08/27/2023 PM
John Mark's Journey08/27/2023 AM
Acts 1508/24/2023
The Fear of the Lord in Proverbs08/20/2023 PM
Three Dread Cs' Part Three: Cowardice08/20/2023 AM
The Feasts of the Lord Fulfilled (Bro. Raymond Cooper)08/17/2023
Appointed to Wrath08/13/2023 PM
Three Dread Cs' Part Two: Contention08/13/2023 AM
Acts 1408/10/2023
Delegation of Duties08/06/2023 PM
Three Dread Cs' Part One: Complaining08/06/2023 AM
When to Say No (Bro. Caleb Akinosho)08/03/2023
The Cost of Convenience (Bro. Jake Thornton)07/30/2023 PM
Self Defense in Light of the Bible (Bro. Jake Thornton)07/30/2023 AM
Faith and Works (Bro. Anselm)07/27/2023
Filled With the Spirit07/23/2023 PM
Stubborn & Rebellious07/23/2023 AM
Acts 1307/20/2023
Herod Had It Coming (Acts 12 Pt. 2)07/16/2023 PM
Hated Preachers07/16/2023 AM
Acts 1207/13/2022
A Correct Countenance07/09/2023 PM
Depths of Discipleship07/09/2023 AM
Acts 1107/06/2023
Old World Masculinity07/02/2023 PM
Hezekiah's Heredity07/02/2023 AM
A Bride for Isaac (BBBC Yakima, WA)06/30/2023
Acts 1006/29/2023
Spoiler Alert06/25/2023 PM
Saul's Salvation06/25/2023 AM
Acts 906/22/2023
Laying on of Hands06/18/2023 PM
The Glory of Children06/18/2023 AM
Acts 806/15/2023
After the Tribulation06/11/2023 PM
The Gospel in the Old Testament06/11/2023 AM
Acts 706/08/2023
Rule Your Spirit06/04/2023 PM
Wells of Wellness: Wellbeing (sleep)06/04/2023 AM
Acts 606-01-2023
Ideal vs Real05/28/2023 PM
Wells of Wellness: Wonder05/28/2023 AM
Acts 505/15/2023
All the Days of Our Lives05/21/2023 PM
The Parable of the Talents (Bro. Anselm)05/18/2023
Be Perfect05/14/2023 PM
How to Honor Your Mother05/14/2023 AM
Acts 405/11/2023
Acts 3 Part Two05/07/2023 PM
Wells of Wellness: Work05/07/2023 AM
Acts 305/04/2023
Acts 2 Part Two04/30/2023 PM
Wells of Wellness: Work04/30/2023 AM
Acts 2 Part One04/27/2023
From a Child04/23/2023 PM
Wells of Wellness: Introduction04/23/2023 AM
Acts 104/20/2023
Do and Teach the Least04/16/2023 PM
Spiritual Status (Detroit)04/16/2023
Be Careful What You See (Bro. Jake Thornton)04/16/2023 AM
The Church of Christ Exposed (Bro. Raymond Cooper)04/13/2023
Planning Ahead04/09/2023 PM
Realities of the Resurrection04/09/2023 AM
Work for the Night is Coming (Bro. Raymond Cooper)04/06/2023
Our Day of Vengeance 04/02/2023 PM
True Jews 04/02/2023 AM
II Kings 2503/30/2023
Living a Life of Joy (Deacon Oliver Gonzalez)03/26/2023 PM
Is There Not a Cause (Deacon Oliver Gonzalez)03/26/2023 AM
The Real Tradwives03/26/2023 PM
The Sacrifice of Consistency 03/26/2023 AM
II Kings 2403/23/2023
II Kings 23 Part Two03/19/2023 PM
Reasonable Service03/19/2023 AM
II Kings 23 Part One03/16/2023
Give God His Dues03/12/2023 PM
II Kings 2203/09/2023
Daily Devotions03/05/2023 PM
Maintain Good Works03/05/2023 AM
II Kings 2103/02/2023
Wear Out or Rust Out02/26/2023 PM
Seek to Excel: Standards02/26/2023 AM
II Kings 2002/23/2023
Living in Your Own World02/19/2023 PM
Willing and Able02/19/2023 AM
As a Beast02/12/2023 PM
Don't Be Naïve 02/12/2023 AM
II Kings 1802/09/2023
Keeping the Basics (Bro. Raymond Cooper)12/29/2022
Holding Traditions12/25/2022 PM
Offerings of a Free Heart12/25/2022 AM
II Kings 1512/22/2022
With the Wild Beasts12/18/2022 PM
Great Vexations12/18/2022 AM
II Kings 1412/15/2022
The Catholic Church: A Church of Devils12/11/2022 PM
Investing in the Youth (Bro. Gabriel)12/11/2022 AM
II Kings 1312/08/2022
Seek to Excel: Systems12/04/2022 PM
J.O.Y12/04/2022 AM
II Kings 1212/01/2022
A Multitude of Words 11/27/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Joshua11/27/2022 AM
Grateful for Good Health11/24/2022
Appointed to Thanksgiving11/20/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Moses11/20/2022 AM
II Kings 1111/17/2022
Lessons From Leaders: Joseph Part Two11/13/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Joseph Part One11/13/2022 AM
II Kings 1011/10/2022
Set and Seek11/06/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Jacob11/06/2022 AM
II Kings 911/03/2022
Lessons From Leaders: Esau10/30/2022 PM
II Kings 810/27/2022
Child Bearing and Breast Feeding10/23/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Abraham10/23/2022 AM
II Kings 710/20/2022
Seek the Lame10/16/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Noah10/16/2022 AM
II Kings 610/13/2022
Be an Example10/09/2022 PM
Lessons From Leaders: Adam10/09/2022 AM
II Kings 510/06/2022
Get a Thought Life10/02/2022 PM
Seek to Excel: Soulwininng & Services10/02/2022 AM
II Kings 4 Part Four09/29/2022
Sanctified Now and Forever09/25/2022 PM
Our Vision for 2023 Part Three09/25/2022 AM
II Kings 4 Part Three09/22/2022
Dead Redheads09/18/2022 PM
Our Vision for 2023 Part Two09/18/2022 AM
II Kings 4 Part Two09/15/2022
Dew Drops09/11/2022 PM
Our Vision for 2023 Part One09/11/2022 AM
II Kings 4 Part One09/08/2022
He Hath Wrought with God (Deacon Oliver Gonzalez)09/04/2022 PM
By Little and Little (Deacon Oliver Gonzalez)09/04/2022 AM
II Kings 308/31/2022
II Kings 2 Part Two08/28/2022 PM
Phinehas: His Zeal08/28/2022 AM
II Kings 2 Part One08/25/2022
Fresh Oil08/21/2022 PM
Phinehas: His Service08/21/2022 AM
II Kings 1 08/18/2022
General Dating Advice08/14/2022 PM
Phinehas: His Heritage08/14/2022 AM
I Kings 2208/11/2022
A Few Reasons to Pray08/07/2022 PM
God is Life08/07/2022 AM
Forsake the Froward07/31/2022 PM
Denying Reality Is Dangerous07/31/2022 AM
Get a Vision for the Great Commission (Bro. Raymond Cooper)07/28/2022
Love One Another07/24/2022PM
Up Out of Egypt07/24/2022 AM
I Kings 2107/21/2022
Evidence of a Blessed Life07/17/2022 PM
Steady By Jerks07/17/2022 AM
I Kings 20 Part Two07/14/2022
How God Guides Us07/10/2022 PM
Living For the Long Haul07/10/2022 AM
I Kings 20 Part One07/07/2022
Serve God ASAP07/03/2022 PM
Unwitting Accomplices07/03/2022 AM
I Kings 19 Part Three06/30/2022
Hoe vs. Wade06/26/2022 PM
Innocent Blood06/26/2022 AM
I Kings 19 Part Two06/23/2022
Satan's Attack On Children06/19/2022 PM
A Father's Faithfulness06/19/2022 AM
I Kings 19 Part One06/16/2022
Don't Cut Yourself06/12/2022 PM
I Kings 18 Part Two06/12/2022 AM
I Kings 18 Part One06/09/2022
Food Shortages and Satan06/05/2022 PM
Men of Corrupt Minds06/05/2022 AM
I Kings 17 Part Two06/02/2022
How to Preach the Gospel Part 205/29/2022 PM
How to Preach the Gospel Part 105/29/2022 AM
I Kings 17 Part One05/26/2022
Hedonistic Heathens05/22/2022 PM
Judgement and Mercy In Jericho05/22/2022 AM
I Kings 1605/18/2022
I Kings 15 Part Three05/15/2022 PM
Preaching To Other Cities Also05/15/2022 AM
I Kings 15 Part Two05/12/2022
Learning for Learning's Sake05/08/2022 PM
Your Mother's Law05/08/2022 AM
I Kings 15 Part One05/05/2022
Love Your Neighbor05/01/2022 PM
Desire Discipleship05/01/2022 AM
I Kings 14 Part Two04/28/2022
Lessons From Romans 10 (Bro. Raymond Cooper)04/24/2022 PM
Cain, Baalam & Korah (Bro. Raymond Cooper)04/24/2022 AM
I Kings 14 Part One04/21/2022
Justified By The Resurrection04/17/2022 PM
His Great Power To Us-Ward04/17/2022 AM
Consider The Cross04/14/2022
Turned Aside After Satan04/10/2022 PM
Work With What You Have04/10/2022 AM
I Kings 1304/07/2022
Hating Covetousness04/03/2022 PM
I Kings 1203/31/2022
I Kings 11 Part Two03/27/2022 PM
Casual Casualties03/27/2022 AM
I Kings 11 Part One03/24/2022
Ping-Pong People03/20/2022 PM
Finer Details03/20/2022 AM
I Kings 1003/17/2022
St. Stupor Day03/13/2022 PM
Giving andd Recieveing Criticism03/13/2022 AM
I Kings 903/10/2022
A Great Congregation03/06/2022 PM
Shameless and Blameless03/06/2022 AM
I Kings 803/03/2022
I Kings 7 Part Two02/27/2022 PM
Para-shing Church Ministries02/27/2022 AM
I Kings 7 Part One02/24/2022
God Is Witness02/20/2022 PM
Why We Are KJV Only Part 4: Preservation02/20/2022 AM
I Kings 6 02/17/2022
True Love02/13/2022 PM
Why We Are KJV Only Part 3: Communication & Canonization02/13/2022 AM
I Kings 5 02/10/2022
Why We Are KJV Only Part 2b: Inspriation of the New Testament02/06/2022 PM
Why We Are KJV Only Part 2a: Inspiration of the Old Testament02/06/2022 AM
I Kings 402/03/2022
Why We Are KJV Only Part 1b: Revelation01/30/2022 PM
Why We Are KJV Only Part 1a: Revelation01/30/2022 AM
Redeeming The Time (Bro. Gabriel)01/27/2022
Foreshadows of Christ01/23/2022 PM
Why We Are KJV Only: Introduction01/23/2022 AM
I Kings 301/20/2022
Hindrances to Soulwinning (Bro. Jake Thornton)01/16/2022 PM
The Soulwinners Club (Bro. Jake Thornton)01/16/2022 AM
I Kings 201/13/2022
Salute Them That Rule01/09/2022 PM
Bibles Worth Burning01/09/2022 AM
I Kings 101/06/2022
Real Zeal01/02/2022 PM
Two Sons01/02/2022 AM
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